Saturday, April 30, 2016



For homework the last two week’s we had to make dinner for our Whanau and I made bolognaise.





Pasta sauce


Doritos (optional)

Sour cream (optional)





Wooden spoon

Chopping board  



Knife, fork, spoon

Cooking oil

Chesses grater





First you put the mince in the pan then you chop the onion up and put it all in the pan with the mince and cook it all. After that you put the pasta in and cook that while you are waiting you grate the chesses when you are finished that you put the pasta sauces in the pan with mince and onion. After everything is cooked like the pasta and the mice you plate up. When I plate up I like to do pasta at the bottom and the mince at the top and there you go.






Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Smart goals

For maths this week we have been trying to do a smart goal for maths so here's mine a photo will be below my writin and if you didn't see the words in my photo i'll tell you know.
My goal is to get 20 out of 20 for stage 6 in basic facts.I will achive  this goal by knowing what i got right and wrong  learn the ones i got wrong not the ones i got right time myself two minutes  when it's free time grab a stopwhatch in the maths shelfs copy what i got wrong and put them in my homelearning book and learn them at home.  


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We went to the beach and their was trees

beach fun day out

it was Monday we went to the beach. Miss Grover said"stay together you might get hurt  or get loss. Me and Tia fall down a hole to the beach. Lizzy found us.  Tia took a photo for her blog and for our class blog.  Me and Tia found a way to the beach from the school. 

when we were waking back to the school there was a hole and i peeked and i found the Bridge. I yelled to miss Grover  and i said"miss i found the bridge. Miss Grover and my class came. Miss Grover was  happy for me that i found the bridge. 

Then i found a water full it was a miracle i found a  way to the beach from school out the back to the beach  and i found the bridge and a water full. The water full was amazing i loved the water full. 

it was fun.I like the staff we do it is cool. Miss Grover is awesome


It was Monday, we went to the beach. Miss Grover said " stay together, you might get lost or hurt".
Tia and I fell into a hole to the beach, Lizzy saw us.
Tia took a photo of the beach for her blog and for our class blog. Tia and I found a way to the beach from our school. 

When we were walking back to school there was a little hole and I had a peek and there was the bridge. I yelled out to Miss Grover and said " I found the bridge!" Miss Grover and our class came over and she was proud of me for finding the bridge.

Then I found a waterfall. It was a miracle, I found a way to the beach from the school and I found the bridge and a waterfall. The waterfall was amazing. I loved it.

 It was fun as. I loved all the stuff we went to. I like Miss Grover because we do cool things like adventures and making stuff. Miss Grover is a fun teacher.

I thought it was awesome looking at the beach and the waterfall.

fun holidays

Three weeks ago on the last day on school. me and ngaire did'int  go to school because we went to Hamilton for ngaires hockey game. when we got to Hamilton we went to our motel. we unpacked our bags and went to drop ngaire off with her team then we went to pack-in save and got same food. then we went our motel. we put our bags in the motel. then we walked to burger king then to the motel. when we got their had a shower hoped into my p james watched TV and went to bed . when i woke up i had break fust got changed  and hoped into the van.  before ngaires hockey game her and her team  went to the mall. i went with my mum dad and baby brother William. we went to  k-mart. i got shoes  for ten dollies and i got a neck less for three dollies  my dad got clothes and shaves.William got lollies  my mum got hair die. then we went to ngaires hockey  game.   her team lost ageist wellington. ngaires team won their second game then the next day their team won their first game but lost their second game. at prizegiving ngaire's team come 2 overall and that was cool.